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Pete Price

Pete Price

A fantastic entertainer, presenter and comedian. One of Liverpool’s genuine stars, Pete will tell you, “Radio 1 to Radio City, Bob Monkhouse to Shirley Bassey, The Palladium to the QEII, Comedy Connections to The Paul O’Grady Show, The Documentary Dark Secrets to ITN News,The Times to The Independent, A Gold Sony Award to Character of the Year (Emap). I’ve done it all!

It’s been the most fantastic 30 years and if it hadn’t have been for The Shakespeare which was a beautiful theatre club in Liverpool, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

I worked with some of the world’s top stars and learned my trade as a comic.

All through this time I was learning my trade as a radio presenter and went from a  DJ working the famous Peaceful Hour to the Radio 1 club and am now presenting a phone in show 5 nights a week on one of the top radio stations in the world.

Radio City 96.7 has won over 50 industry awards and I am so proud to be part of it.

It’s fantastic to have two occupations – comic/broadcaster as they go hand in hand and I am a people person.  I can’t really begin to tell you how many famous people, how many wonderful venues and how many amazing countries I’ve been to during my career.  But I could never do it without the support of the public and the fine city of Liverpool.  I am so proud that we are to be the European Capital of Culture for 2008”.