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Martin Bayfield

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Martin Bayfield

At 6’10” Martin Bayfield was one of the tallest players in rugby, a gift he used to full advantage as one of England’s most potent forwards. Since retiring, his height has helped win him the part of Robbie Coltrane’s body double as the giant Hagrid in the Harry Potter films.

On the field Martin enjoyed a successful international career, winning 31 England caps and two Grand Slams. He played in the World Cup in South Africa and was selected to represent the British Lions in New Zealand. He is now an established member of the BBC commentary team, as well as host of Channel Five’s NFL coverage and The World’s Strongest Man.

Martin Bayfield is an accomplished awards host and a hugely entertaining after dinner speaker, with impeccable comic timing. Appealing to all manner of audiences, he points to one or two telling differences between football and rugby. He might also recount tales from his early days as a police protection officer, like the time he fell asleep while guarding Ian Paisley.