Graham Davies

Graham Davies

Graham Davies is a Keynoter, Event Host / Facilitator and After Dinner Speaker. He is also the UK’s leading Presentation Coach.

Graham is a recovering barrister and former President of the Cambridge Union.  Whether on stage or TV, his success is built on an ability to juggle a serious message with entertainment. Graham’s speaking and coaching clients include a large number of the UK’s leading companies, as well as 7 members of the Shadow Front Bench.

In his role as a Presentation Expert he is a regular guest on the BBC, Sky and CNN. However, it is his track record as a live event specialist that is unique in the European market.

As an After Dinner Speaker, he has been described by the Mail on Sunday as “one of the funniest people in the UK”, having spoken at over 1500 events.

In the role of Link Presenter or Facilitator, Graham provides focus, humour and continuity with insightful interviews, audience interaction and punchy links in between speakers.

As an Awards Host, Graham maintains the momentum of the event while using his own brand of corporate comedy to keep things alive.

Graham’s Keynote ‘Fighting Talk’ captures the essence of presentation techniques that he has successfully introduced to dozens of blue chip companies, in a fine blend of hard core message and entertainment.

There very few speakers in Europe who can match his ability to mix sharply topical comedy with insightful content that is tailored for the business needs of even multi-national audiences.