Graham Davies

Graham Davies is a Keynoter, Event Host / Facilitator and After Dinner Speaker. He is also the UK’s leading Presentation Coach. Graham is a recovering barrister and former President of the Cambridge Union.  Whether on stage or TV, his success is built on an ability to juggle a … Read More

John Stalker

John Stalker was a policeman on the beat in Manchester before transferring to the CID. He was in the Serious Crime Squad, the Bomb Squad and the Drugs Squad. He rose rapidly within the ranks of the CID and, at the age of thirty eight, was the youngest Detective Chief … Read More

John Welch

It was after a dinner at Shrigley Hall In Cheshire when TV Personality Martyn Lewis said to John Welch: “You are the best After Dinner Speaker I have ever heard”.  This is just one of the many accolades that John has received from the celebrities and clients who have … Read More

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